My name is Geoffrey Fogle. I'm currently a senior at Oklahoma Christian University studying Creative Media.  I'm currently employed by Prodigal LLC, a sports and entertainment agency based in Oklahoma City. They manage Energy FC (soccer) and the OKC Barons (hockey). My duties at Prodigal involve me capturing and editing videos for our website, YouTube page, and in-arena use. 

It all started on October 5th, 1993 in Irvine, California. My Dad was in the military, so we didn't sit too long in one place. About 6 months later, we moved to the east coast in Memphis, Tennessee. It was here were I witnessed my first snowfall. After Memphis, we moved to Pensacola, Florida where we stayed for two years. Next up, Jacksonville, North Carolina for three years. Then off to Iwakuni, Japan where I had the best three years of my young life and where I really learned how to appreciate art and culture. After another three years, we were off to Fort Worth, Texas. 

Texas is where I have spent the majority of my life. I went from middle school in '06 all the way through '11 when I graduated high school. Good ol'e Fossil Ridge. During my time in high school, I really liked history and wanted to become a judge, but my Dad was an engineer and I was fairly good at math so I was torn on becoming a lawyer or an engineer. But, that all changed whenever I went to the Star Wars exhibit in Downtown Fort Worth. Before going through the actual exhibit, the museum showed a short film on special effects and set building. It was love at first sight. I graduated high school and enrolled at Oklahoma Christian University.

Since being at OC, I've been diving in head first in our media department. I started off in radio and doing a show with a fellow student in the department for my first year and a half. I ran camera then eventually got promoted to floor manager and ran graphics for a bit. I took some time off to work at Best Buy and focus on personal projects. After about a year at Best Buy, we parted ways and went back to focus on media for my last year and a half of college. I co-founded and am hosting a web series over video games with some friends. I'm still hosting that show and am getting back into radio with Those Guys You Know. On top of all this, I am a Digital Media Intern for Prodigal.

Well, that is me in a 'nutshell'. I think that's pretty brief yet personal. If there's something you want to know more about, or just want to reach out, go to the Contact page. Thanks for stopping by.