Here are some of the projects I have worked on for the Oklahoma City Barons. I'm mainly behind the scenes and quiet, but I still get my fair share of work.


Here is another postgame report I did. The challenge with this one was asking the right questions and getting the right information after a hard lost. 


This is a postgame report that we did on the fly. I captured and edited the video.


For a while I was in charge of capturing and producing our pregame content. Here is one of many interviews I conducted and pieced together.


This is a video covering the Freeze Your Face Off 5K. I did the shooting.


Recently with Barons Buddies, we went bowling at Dustbowl Lanes. This is the second Barons Buddies event.


Here is our first video for Baron Buddies. I was the shooter for this. The Oklahoma City Barons met and spent the evening with their new Buddies, Special Olympics of Oklahoma Athletes, in the first Barons Buddies event of the season.


I'm pretty behind the scenes when it comes to postgame but for this postgame I had to shoot and edit the video. Barons earn first win of the season. Carter Baum with the recap of tonight's action.


Here is I piece I did on my own over our radio play-by-play announcer Jim Byers. I did not conduct the interview, but I did shoot all the b-roll. This is my own edit too.