The Season

First I want to point out, I have been updating the site quite a bit lately, just not the blog post. I've been shooting and producing a lot of videos this past month so I had to let the blog hang for a bit. Also, I'm going to add a few more tabs for some of the photography and graphic work I've just to find it all...

But hey, I'm back and it's the best time of year: Holiday Season! I love this time of year because all the family gets together, parents throw it down in the kitchen, big cities start decorating buildings and school is out for the semester. Yes, Christmas Break, I cannot wait for two reasons. 1. It's my last one as an undergraduate and 2. This hellish semester is over. This semester has been pretty brutal. Two of my classes have been relentless with the level of difficulty/unluckiness. However, I've managed to get decent grades and work effectively. 

Next week is finals week, so this is the season for the studying and trying really hard to squeeze out the highest grades possible. This is the season to think about what it would be like if I would have worked harder earlier in the semester. This is the prepare for goodbyes. Yep, the sad truth is that after this next spring semester, I won't see half of the people I graduated again. Some will move on to their careers, some will start families, others will move either back home or away, and then others (like myself) aren't completely sure what the future has for them. It's hard, it stinks but that is how life works.