I Haven't Forgotten About You

I have not forgotten, I'm just posting in the other blog more often than this one. What I will be doing soon is app reviews. I've been looking into some tech blogs and YouTubers and I've noticed not many of them review apps. So I decided, I may as well get into it. 

For starters, I'm gonna go over a few email apps because email is bad and an app should simplify the painful process. I'll probably do a top 5 blog post and maybe a video for them...depends on how much free time I'll have. 

The next app or apps I'll review are package tracking apps. Sure you can use one on the computer or the app from UPS or FedEx, but if you have multiple packages coming in at one time, a decent tracking app is essential. 

So hopefully, when I get done messing with all these apps, I'll have some quality reviews for you. Until next time, peace.