My Enlightening Month Away from Twitter

For the month of February, I stepped away from essentially all social media. I needed to focus on more pressing matters and that was easily the biggest consumption of my time. The biggest criminals were Facebook and Twitter. If you really know me, you'd know that I'm on Instagram a lot...but I don't consider that social media. FB and Twitter keep me updated in a way that Instagram doesn't, by providing some sort of news or buzz in my rather boring life. 

Now I need to note that before this I had a serious case of FOMO; fear of missing out. Basically, you are afraid that you will miss out on a rewarding experience. It is a term I'll throw at people, but never considered that I may be a victim of it as well. This month of really showed me that FOMO is real...too real.

The first week was pretty rough. People kept contacting me through Facebook. I was tagged, poked, mentioned, DMs were slid into, no lucky lady though :(. It was more frustrating because all the vibrating and notifications were annoying me. I kept seeing the ticker on my screen but I couldn't open them. Twitter wasn't as bothersome because most of my notifications comes from  so I could just go to their site and see what was going on in the world of tech. 

I missed a lot of 'news' though. Kanye dropping songs, Drake dropped a tape, Mumford and Sons announcing tour dates and that is just the music news I missed. I missed several breaking news, like net neutrality being back...I mean I got the update but it was after I had the update from Twitter (I didn't open the the tweet but after seeing the CNN and HuffPo updates, I knew that was it). Also, some people would feel inclined to tweet at/about me knowing that I was stepping away from guys are awesome. It was glad to know that some people 'missed' me.

Now here is the part where I tell you the greatness of getting away from social media for an extended period of time. I will be honest, it is a great relief not being burdened with checking the last update from a celebrity or your friend as they are in another country. But the biggest thing I got from my time a way; I didn't miss as much as I thought I would. My inner circle of friends I would see them all the time and almost every time the sentence, "Did you see (insert name here)'s tweet?" or "You see that post I tagged you in?" I guess social media is all that people talk about...I guess that is why it is called social media after all. It's kind of funny to see that in order for me to realize that social media is prominent everywhere, I had to step away from it for a bit. I missed it at times, especially the memes, but outside of that I could function without it. I got so much work done and have been doing so much better in the classroom as well. 

To end this, if you really feel like your missing out by not constantly being on social media, cut it out for a bit. See what you really miss out on. Honestly, I didn't miss much. After the first 10 days I worked, I hung out, occasionally slept without being worried about missing out. FOMO is as real as you let it.