Adulting is Hard

It has been quite some time since my last blog post and I am deeply sorry. There has been so much going on the past few months I've been shutting myself down and relaxing whenever I can. Nothing that is too taxing, but a lot of waiting on others. I do have good news. I have a move in date set for August so your boy is finally getting his own place. I'm super excited, nervous, and cautious all at the same time. Second major update, I will be starting grad school in the fall. I will be pursuing my MBA in marketing back at Oklahoma Christian. That's really it for major announcements.  

For those that really know me, gaming is one of my first loves. Ever since I was a kid with an N64, Banjo-Kazooie and Starfox, gaming has been in my blood. Me and a few friends are set to launch a gaming blog sometime soon. I don't want to set a date, but we are definitely working on getting a name and platform. To start we will mainly cover indie games and some triple A titles. We want to do a podcast as well but initially we want to launch the blog. 

That is it for this post. I will try my hardest to keep updating my site and blog at least weekly. Until next time, stay based.