360 Editing Part 2

I had a gap between post, because we have been working to figure out how to make this new, unforgiving video format to look great. Have a lot of footage to look at and a lot of progress has been made, but here is the end of the last post. 

Last time we looked at what importing and stitching looked like. Now we are gonna look at the post process. 

Now your video should be in 4K UHD as the initial render, so depending on your editing station, it might take some time. I am on a Mid 2014 Macbook Pro, so with the color correct from Autopano video it took about an hour. The reason why you want it to be output at such a high quality is because the detail looks os much better. IF you watch this video by Wistia, they explain it pretty well here

Step 10. Premiere. Since the video or videos have been exported you can bring them into Premiere and edit how you normally would. You can do advanced color correction here and layer in additional video. After you are done editing, go ahead and export it again.

Step 11. Previewing. The biggest 'disadvantage' of 360 video editing, is that you can't truly preview your video until you export. After the export is done, go and download Kolor Eyes buy the same people that make Autopano Video. This player allows you to view the video in a 360 plane without having to go through the process I am about to explain. If your video is ready to be shared go on to the next part.

Step 12. Injection Script/Software? For YouTube to recognize that a video is to be displayed in 360 degrees, it has to be injected with a script. For this part go to this website and click on either Mac or Windows. Once it is downloaded, the injecting program installs pretty easily. Almost home guys.

Step 13. Inject! Almost ready to upload the video to YouTube. Open the injection script, software...whatever you want to call it. For me, I clicked on Spherical just to follow the instructions that I followed. Super easy. Took me a few seconds to do. Now to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Step 14. UPLOAD. Upload the video to YouTube like you would any other video. The injection you did earlier took care of everything. It might take a few more minutes to process, but for me it was took the same amount of time as any other video to process. 

Step 15. View and Share. Watch on your phone, tablet, and if you must look on your computer, use Chrome. The video will be in it's amazing 360 greatness. 

Now this is just the beginning of 360 videos for me. I will continue to experiment and tinker with other software and camera rigs. I really want to get my hands on Mettle Skybox, heard that is a really great and smooth.