New Discovery!!!!!

Today while feverishly trying to make another 360 video, I have found one 'problem' with the current situation I am in. Placement and positioning of the camera is EVERYTHING. I'm having this weird disappearing/cloning effect when object are too close to the camera. You remember when you were a little kid and you would touch your fingers right in front of the bridge of your nose and you would see that double sided finger 'blocking' them from touching, that's exactly what it looks like. And that is a problem. 

I used plenty of different synchronizations, number of stitches, and with or without stabilization. Still has the '4th Dimension' effect to it. So if you are venturing into the 360 world, be very mindful of where you place the rig and the distance you are from the subject.

Side note: I'm finishing the post I started the other day TOMORROW. Stay Tuned.